So you’ve been thinking about it for years. It’s time to remodel that kitchen or bathroom.

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You might be thinking, I know how to buy a car with the features I want. That’s easy…but a kitchen or a bathroom? Where do I even begin?

“It will cost too much”

“It will take forever to get done”

“How long without a kitchen sink?! No way!!!!!”

“Sorry honey, but we can’t make this a DIY project, I like you too much.”

Yes, these are the most common concerns when thinking about doing a remodeling project. I believe it is because most people don’t know how to begin answering the common five “W’s. The Five W’s are questions whose answers are considered critical when information gathering or problem solving. Questions that should be answered before starting any project – but how are you supposed to answer these questions if you don’t even know where to begin? That’s where we come in. We know exactly how the process is done because we’ve done it hundreds of times. Knowledge like this could save you time, money, and quite a few headaches.

Let’s break it down…


Often, people do not know who to go to when beginning a project of this scale. Does one call the plumber first or the carpenter? Should I ask someone in a big box store on a weekend?  Who is going to do the work? Do I need to hire a general contractor?


Because these rooms need so much attention to detail, it is in your best interest for your project to find a professional in this specialized field of expertise.  A kitchen and bath designer will provide a service not unlike a doctor, lawyer, or accountant. Creating a kitchen or bathroom takes a professional to achieve a well-thought out and complete design.

Hiring a kitchen and bath professional will help in avoiding:

  • “No one brought that up to us.”
  • “Why didn’t we discuss this before starting.”
  • “I didn’t know it would look like this.”

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Where to start…

Big box store?

Plumbing Showroom?

Tile & Flooring store?


  1. Start talking to family and friends that have recently completed a project. Ask them who designed it. Who was their contractor?  Were they satisfied?
  2. Find a kitchen and bath professional that will show you products and give you cabinet and countertop 101 (there will be a future blog on that topic).

A good designer should go to plumbing and tile showrooms with you and educate you on the various products. There should also be a thorough discussion and planning of the lighting. This is critical step in the process and must be addressed by the designer to avoid errors.

In reality, it does not have to be scary at all.  It can be fun!!


Thanksgiving, Christmas, and special occasions are target times that people usually want their projects done by in order to show off their new kitchen or bathroom.

The television shows that you love to watch on Saturday night are not showing you a “real” reality when it comes to undertaking these kinds of projects. These shows pre-order materials and they can edit the show down to make the project duration appear to be much shorter. We encounter unrealistic expectations due to this quite often in our day to day. Education is the key to combating this and keeping everyone happy.


Well-thought-out plans take time, actually, a lot of time to avoid costly mistakes. We know what poor planning accomplishes – nothing & many headaches. Working with a designer will help clarify the timelines and what to expect and when.

It is never too early to start talking to others, gathering ideas, visiting Parade of Homes, or even going to open houses to look.

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What products are actually needed for the project? For example, if you are planning a kitchen renovation, it’s not just the cabinetry and countertops that need to be selected, but a comprehensive list of many items needed to create that perfect result.


Finding a designer who knows what to ask when planning your new kitchen or bathroom. The following need to be addressed:

  • What are your wants and needs for this space? Goals?
  • Who will be using this area?
  • Are there any special needs/ functions to be incorporated?
  • Are you a baker? Someone who likes to can their garden’s treasures?
  • Anticipated length in the home? A project should be looked at quite differently if the answer is either 3-7 years, 10-15, or forever if possible.

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You love to cook and watch the food shows for new recipes. Why not have that dream kitchen that works for your passion? The kitchen is where the action is; it’s often the center hub of the home. No longer a space just for special occasions, but for every day. It’s where you have breakfast in the morning & discuss the day ahead. Coming home from school or work, it’s the place to reconnect after a day of craziness. Many wonderful memories have happened in the kitchen.

Or maybe its your bathroom that needs some attention. After a long day, wouldn’t it be wonderful to relax in a deep soaking tub to let go of life stresses? Maybe you prefer to rinse away the day under a large rain showerhead and just listen to the water drowning out all other sounds of the day.

Residing in well-functioning spaces really can improve your quality of life, both for yourself and your family. So if you’ve been thinking about tackling your kitchen or bath remodel, this is your sign to do it. Let us help you turn this daunting task into a fun and exciting one!

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  • Houzz, Pins, DIY’s……………………OH MY!!!!
  • Where’s the junk drawer?”
  • Keeping relationships happy and solid through a project.
  • Kitchen Designer VS Cabinet Supplier


Please continue to watch for more of my blogs. Hopefully they are informative as well as a bit entertaining. If you’d like to know how we can help with your future project, contact us here to schedule a consultation. If you’d like to see more from us, check out our portfolio, other blog posts, and our social media pages!



Mary Grunow
Certified Kitchen & Bath Designer

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