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Interior Design


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As a hybrid architecture and interior design firm, Distinctive Design Studio offers our clients a significant advantage. In this dual role, our Interior Design team has a keen awareness of the latest design concepts that will complement the overall architecture.


The process that drives the selection of finishes is a collaborative one. In many cases, we create an Inspiration Board with samples of each of your finishes, so you can view and feel the samples to see how they look as one cohesive design.

Visitors who walk into your space are going to notice their surroundings and scrutinize. It’s human nature. Even in commercial spaces, clients often find that these decisions are personal and emotional. We listen to you and carefully arrive at decisions together, so you can feel confident with the final design.


Distinctive Design Studio is a full-service interior design resource. Anything within the building can be customized. Our selection of finishes includes a wide variety of brands, styles, and customization options.


Curated spaces, designed for living.

Do you know the feeling of stepping into a beautiful environment? The natural light is radiating, and there is a rhythm to the space; everything is in balance. A design that comes together perfectly. With Distinctive Design Studio, that feeling could be yours — every time you walk into your kitchen.


We use our bathrooms every day, and we believe in designing baths that work functionally while creating an inspirational space in your home.

We work closely with you to discuss the layout, color schemes, and fixtures that represent you. We explore any friction points you have with your current bathroom so they can be avoided. And, together we’ll discuss what you’re looking forward to most about your new bath space while we create a design that best fits with your life and budget.



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