Our Story

Our Story

Since 2013, Distinctive Design Studio has been providing architectural and building solutions for clients looking for an innovative and creative approach to design in the Southeastern Wisconsin area.

We fused with long-standing Sheboygan firm, LJM Architects, in 2018. When volunteering as advisors for the Sheboygan High School construction trades program, our talents came together as we worked side-by-side with students to provide direction for an annual home build. Eventually, we joined forces collaborating on several projects, ultimately resulting in expanded services for all of our clients today.

Our Firm

With a passion for creating lasting impressions in all of our client’s lives, Distinctive Design Studio is an assembly of talented team members with distinguished experience in architecture and interior design. We’re proud to have built a reputation as a leading architecture firm in Sheboygan Falls.

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Our Philosophy

At Distinctive Design Studio, we view architecture and design as a calling and a craft, an art form and an alliance. We value longevity, innovation, and versatility. We relentlessly thrive in the organic process of design and remain loyal to our founding values.

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Our goal is to create inspired spaces built with quality craftsmanship and celebrate innovation through creative design. We are acutely sensitive to balance as design becomes reality. We embrace aesthetic challenges and utilize unique tools and technology to bring a project alive before moving any earth.


Our diverse experience encompasses all aspects of residential home planning, renovation, and commercial building design. Our past projects involve a range from spanning complete residential design to commercial structures including governmental, educational, retail, recreational, religious, hospitality,  industrial facilities and multi-family.


From materials to operating costs, smart design plays an important role in all of our projects. Every project is infused with building science knowledge and results in comfortable and healthy spaces. Our goal is to educate our clients about their options so that they can make informed choices that match their vision and budget.


215 Pine Street
Sheboygan Falls, WI 53085