It’s no secret, the world is in love with HGTV and an interest for interior design has blown up over the past 10 years. However, a lot of home and business owners do not truly understand all of the benefits of hiring an interior designer. And much to our dismay, many of the home remodel shows leave the viewers with a can-do DIY attitude. I promise you, it is not that easy. Here are just some of the ways that hiring a professional Interior Designer can help you and actually save you money!

Professional Skills

An Interior Designer doesn’t only have a trained eye to help make your space beautiful and bring your visions to life. They also have the know how to make it happen in a cost-effective way. They have gone to school, attended numerous seminars and have real-world job experience. This means they understand costs and timelines to help you keep your project on track and within a budget.

Project Management

Interior Designers have experience working with contractors and have trusted resources in the trades. They coordinate with your plumbers, electricians, architects, ect. They know how to effectively communicate to keep the project on a schedule and make sure every step of a remodel or new build is in good hands and getting taken care of.

Save Money

Believe it or not, even though you may be spending more upfront to hire an Interior Designer, they can save you money in the long run. The average home or business owner does not take on remodel projects often. That inexperience can lead to costly mistakes. Selecting a sofa that does not fit through a door or a tight hallway. Recessed lighting that is not bright enough. These are examples of miscalculations that are easily avoided by professionals. Also, designers often have trade deals with manufacturers that allow them to purchase products at a discounted rate to pass along to their clients. Designers also have the knowledge to help you stay on budget by recognizing what types of elements you can scale back on to cut costs overall.

Resale Value

Professionals in the industry are up to date on finishes and features that will add value to your space. They will help you make those decisions if you are planning to sell in the somewhat near future.

Support System

You have someone in your corner, looking out for you every step of the way. If a piece of furniture is delivered with damage, they will make sure it is taken care of. They will advocate for you if something is installed incorrectly. A designer isn’t always just there to design, they will solve any issue that may arise.

Function & Aesthetics

Most importantly, an Interior Designer will get you the results you want to see! First and foremost, you hire a designer because you want your space to look beautiful and be functional. An Interior Designer looks at spaces from a different perspective than you. You’ve most likely been looking at it for a long time and are unhappy with something, but just aren’t quite sure how to fix it.  You can save yourself time and energy knowing that the job will get done right. Designers have the skills to pull together everything that goes into a space. This includes colors, furniture, lighting, textures, and finishes. Ultimately delivering an end result that is beautiful and harmonized.

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Angie Boettner
Interior Designer, Distinctive Design Studio

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