Are you looking to start a project but don’t know what the first step is? Have you ever wondered what it would be like to work with Distinctive Design Studio? You’ve come to the right place. We created this guide for all of our perspective clients so they know what to expect when working together. All design professionals do things a bit differently, so we felt it was important to let you know what our design process is. After years of experience, we’ve refined our design process and found what works best for our business and our clients. Keep in mind that this is just a general roadmap. Each project that comes to us is completely different and might require more or less of the process than another.


The first step in working together is to submit an inquiry on our website or give the studio a call. When filling out the inquiry, tell us a little about your project in the message box.  If you call the studio, you will talk to the studio manager who will ask you a couple basic questions about your project. Telling us a little bit about your project up front will help us to figure out who on our staff would be best suited to start this journey with you.


Once our team has gotten your inquiry, we will schedule a complimentary consultation. During this consultation we will get to know you and your project. We will talk about all of your wants and needs, what’s working and not working in your current space, your timeline, and your budget. If applicable, we will walk through your space, look through any existing floor plans, and take any photos that we deem necessary.


After our initial consultation is complete, we will take some time evaluate your project and type up a project proposal. We will present the proposal to you, give you time to digest everything in it, and make ourselves available to you for questions or revisions. The proposal will outline everything that was talked about in the consultation, go over the design process, what you can expect from us, and an estimated cost for our services.

Project Planning

Once the proposal has been accepted and signed, the real fun can begin! We will take measurements of your space if applicable, enter the floor plan into our design software, and start the design exploration process. We will brainstorm different concepts for your space, make sketches, and create general layouts. All of this work sets the path for the next step in the process.

Photo by Lex Photography from Pexels

Photo by Lex Photography from Pexels

Design Development

Throughout the design process, we’ll have a few meetings to show you progress and get feedback. Once we feel that we’re on the right track, we begin to refine the design. Floor plans, elevations, and 3D renderings are prepared with more accuracy and detail. We also research and make selections for finishes, fixtures, and furniture.

Construction Documents

Any remaining drawings are done, specifications are finalized and outlined, and all technicalities are worked out for the entire project amongst the Distinctive Design Studio team and any trades or contractors. Everything conveyed in this step provides a clear pathway to construct the project as it was designed. Also, the project is submitted for plan review, if applicable. This will ensure the project and its documents are approved to comply with any zoning or regulations set by the city and state.

Construction Administration

Construction administration happens simultaneously with most of the previous steps, as we will keep documentation and record of the entire project. We will also enlist a general contractor and/or subcontractors early on that we see fitting well for the project. That way we can get on their schedule and keep your project on track. However, most of the construction administration phase happens once the design work is done and all aspects of the design have been approved. Our team takes care of ordering the selected furnishings, cabinetry, and materials. We will be the point of contact for all vendors, contractors, and trades people, alleviating any of that stress from you. We will make site visits throughout the construction/remodel process to make sure everything is running smoothly and looking just as we envisioned. After construction is finished, our team will install any furnishings, artwork, and accessories. We will make sure the space looks absolutely perfect upon completion.


infographic explaining the design process at distinctive design studio

Distinctive Design Studio’s Design Process


Learn more about Distinctive Design Studio’s process here. If you’d like to see more from us, check out our portfolio, other blog posts, and our social media pages!


Amber Sabrowsky,
Distinctive Design Studio Office Manager

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