My First Design Program Was My Etch a Sketch

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Yes, you read that right! My first design program was my Etch a Sketch.

However, these days I use some pretty sexy software to design kitchens and bathrooms for my clients.

Firstly, let’s get introduced. My name is Mary Grunow, Distinctive Design Studio’s NKBA certified kitchen & bath designer, and this is my first blog! In 25+ years that I’ve been in this industry, I have seen and designed many kitchens and bathrooms in the greater Sheboygan area and beyond. Therefore, with all this experience comes great wisdom. My hope is that through the series of posts I will be contributing to the DDS blog, that I will be able to assist you in finding…

“Solutions for the rooms we live in”

I truly value the relationships that I have created and maintained with my clients throughout the years. It is my passion to educate and design the best functioning space for every single person that puts their trust in me and Distinctive Design Studio. By reading this blog and the posts to come, you can consider yourself one of my honorary clients. The information that I will share will hopefully be simple, fun, and most importantly, useful to you.

Upcoming Topics:

  • “Houzz, Pins, DIY’s…OH MY!!!!”
  • “How do I buy a kitchen or bathroom?”
  • “Where’s the junk drawer?”
  • “Keeping relationships happy and solid through a project”
  • “Cabinetry 101 and Countertops 101” (with advanced courses to follow)
  • “Ideas for the furry family members”

Until next time…

I really hope that you enjoy this new adventure with me as I plan on sharing so much with you. Until next time, you can contact us here to schedule a consult with me. If you’d like to see more of my work or more of the studio’s work in general, check out our portfolio, other blog posts, and our social media pages!



Mary Grunow
Certified Kitchen & Bath Designer

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